Jump Starters


The TOPDON JS2000 Jump Starter is a very capable power unit with 2000-amps of peak current, which can power up to 8.0L gas engines and 6.0L diesel engines. The jump starter also acts as a power bank offering 16,000 mAH of battery output for charging your electronic devices.

Although most portable jump starters are very small compared to the past, they are still at least a couple inches thick. The GOOLOO GP Warrior is the thinnest portable jump starter I’ve come across, measuring at just over one inch thick. Aside from the sleeker profile, the jump starter works great and really fits the term, portable.

NOCO Boost Jump Starter Review

We purchased this NOCO Boost XL GB50 jump starter as we were experiencing many dead batteries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With us luckily being able to work from home, we were rarely driving our vehicles and as a result, the car batteries would go dead after 2-3 weeks of not driving. With the help of the NOCO Boost jump starter, we are able to jump start our cars whenever the battery died. We’d then drive the vehicles where we needed to and on a longer drive it would charge up the battery again.