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2006 Lexus IS350


Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement: 2006 Lexus IS350

The serpentine belt (a.k.a. the drive belt) plays an important part in running the various pulleys tied to critical components of your vehicle. There aren’t really any specific drive belt change intervals on the Lexus IS350, but it is typically recommended anywhere from every 90k miles to 120k miles. Given that drive belts are very easy to replace and the belt itself costs somewhere between $20 and $30, it’s worth it to be a bit more conservative on your change intervals for this part. 


Alternator Replacement: 2006 Lexus IS350

Signs of a failing alternator can be an excessively noisy alternator, a burning smell coming from the alternator, and flickering of vehicle lights under electrical load. In this case, the car completely lost power while driving on the highway. The alternator is not too difficult to replace, however it does require some time. The drive belt needs to be removed and there are few difficult bolts to get to. However, it is a direct replacement so in all it can be done successfully if you take your time and do it right.


Replacing the Car Battery: 2006 Lexus IS350

A car battery replacement is pretty simple to do: disconnect and remove the battery, then install the new battery and reconnect the leads. Fully charged 12 volt batteries are considered fully charged with a reading of 12.6 volts or higher. If the car battery tests as anything lower than 12 volts, it is considered dead or fully depleted. I got a reading of 10.34 volts, which indicates the battery is completely discharged.


Repairing a Dashboard with Sugru: 2006 Lexus IS350

While removing the center console unit on my wife’s 2006 Lexus IS350, some parts of the dashboard starting breaking off as any trim or trim removal tools pressed against it. I stumbled upon this moldable glue called Sugru, which would be able to be shaped, textured, and color-matched to the dashboard. Sugru is an RTV one-part moisture curing silicone elastomer that can be molded like a putty into any shape needed.