Transbay Transit Center Electric Relocation


I came across some photos I took in 2011 while I was working as an Engineer on a small portion of the Transbay Transit Center construction several years back. The Transbay Transit Center is slated to be a transportation hub that connect 8 Bay Area counties and 11 different transit systems. The project is an estimated $8 billion dollar project to be completed majoritively by the end of 2017.

My role was the coordination and completion of the relocation of underground electric facilities to allow for the construction to take place. This was an involved process that required for the electric underground lines to be relocated to one side of the street, then to the other side of the street, and then finally installed in the permanent infrastructure when construction was finally completed. This was completed in phases so that the new construction could take place. Keep in mind that since this construction site encompassed several blocks radius, this was needed at most street crossings as well as for all other facilities such as gas, fiber optic, communications, etc.

transbay transit construction location
Approximate location of the Transbay Transit Center construction in San Francisco, California

I was working one weekend (of many) and took some photos of the work sites. I think I had just bought a Canon T3i DSLR camera at the time and figured it was a great time to test it out.

transbay bridge cutting
Welders up on lifts cutting away at the existing overpass members

transbay overpass cutting
As the crossing members were cut away, a crane was used to carry these piece away

transbay construction area
A view from Natoma St looking Northwest

transbay weekend construction
Flagger in front of a dumping/staging area

transbay transit center banner
Banner of the Transbay Center on a local building

It’s pretty amazing to see the progress they’ve made since then. This website has a lot of information on the progress¬† ¬†Another way to look at the construction at different stages of the project is to look at the Google Street View and use the timeline at the top left of the page. Especially in downtown San Francisco, Street View photos are taken at shorter intervals, which translates to seeing greater detail in the progress.

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