How a Car Engine Works: Animated Infographic


I stumbled upon this infographic of how a car engine works. Infographics are excellent at being able to condense a wealth of information into an easy-to-understand graphic. The inner-workings of an engine can be complex, but visually understanding it can be especially satisfying to those who are curious.

The animated infographic visually shows how the internal combustion process works as well as fuel, air, cooling, exhaust, and hybrid-vehicle systems work. The incredibly talented Jacob O’Neal researched, wrote, and designed this graphic below. You can check out more animated graphics from this Jacob and the amazing team at Animagraffs at:

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Scott enjoys fixing and improving cars, motorcycles, and his home in his spare time. He does his best to transcribe his journey as he navigates across unknown territory, finds himself in peculiar predicaments, and figures out how things work in the process.

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